Relocating or up rooting

I have moved 300 miles to relocate for starting in my first (permanent) job, I now fully realise why they say moving is one of the most stressful life events you can do. If packing and unpacking isn't laborious enough, the inevitable cleaning that comes with moving into a new property, all make for a very tired new graduate fresh from celebrating. 

Of course I am not alone, the class of 2014 are all starting posts in the next few weeks - so called black Wednesday. The confidence is in the name. Shadowing is definitely the way forward to familiarise yourself with the job.

Making the jump from student to doctor is a daunting one, but you get through with a little (lot) of help from friends/colleagues/nurses. It's never just the jump in responsibility, the equipment, hospital, people, flat and basically everything is new and weird. Perhaps it's no real surprise doctors need support when starting! I think it's great more emphasis has been given to supporting new staff, it would be great to see new and emerging technologies being put to good use. Some of the ones I like are:


 #tipsfornewdocs is both entertaining and useful covering lots of silly little things learnt the hard way.


 Induction App is a cool idea in centralising and crowdsourcing information about your new hospital -'with numbers/codes and useful info