Another new site...

I have made another new site, a seemingly constant turnover of webspace designs on this domain. Most have them have been just a big learning curve with me learning new skills and tools to use. Hopefully this will stay a while...we will see. 

As I move onto a new chapter as a working professional I am hoping my website will start to reflect my professional and personal interests. They will no doubt change as I go along, plus I do wonder how much I will feel like blogging following 13hr shifts. 


How the hell did 12 months pass so quickly? It's been a pretty cool year for sport, drama and news - sure we will all be sick of the celebrity opinions! But I thought I would share my 2012: noun_project_618_256x256x32

From lectures to patients

This year my medical education made the step from endless lectures and tutorials, to being thrown into the clinical environment to put it all into context. Thinking back even to this time last year my learning couldn't have been more different. Now I'm finding my feet on the wards, and instead of chapters its patients that stand out in learning conditions - definitely preferred! I also became a phlebotomist, a part time vampire essentially, which has definitely made me more comfortable on the wards.

Embracing my inner geek

From developing my new website to simply finding new ways of keeping on top of work - I have let technology fill a big part of what I do. I use Evernote, penultimate, Paper and Dropbox as absolute staples with my iPad. My website has had a face lift, which reflects a big part of what I have learnt about design this year. Appreciating infographics, software and the work of friends (namely Mike Crabb) has really changed how I approach putting across information. Hopefully I can translate what I have learnt this year....well if it goes wrong I will have lots of daft pictures, not all bad! Following my research interests this year has been probably my highlight for me this year, I even had a think about the future. In a year where I presented in Boston, performed some seriously cool research and even got published - I couldn't ask for more! But the best thing is I have the research bug again, that seriously excited feeling you get when you try to find your answer. I have tried to explain it...the only analogy I can come up with is it must be pretty similar to James Mays fuzzy feeling in a nice car.


Following my ideas

I have worked hard over the past 12 months on wardWatch with others in Dundee - what a learning curve. From a crazy idea I have watched my idea grow both in size and maturity with the help of the project team and many others offering advice. For all I probably have a few more grey hairs, it's extremely rewarding to take up the challenge and produce something that could genuinely be a game changer - watch this space in 2013.

Networking accident

From following ideas and making new ones I have also learnt about meeting new people, often by complete accident - the best kind! I have met some amazing people in Dundee and further afield, with some amazing ideas to boot. Dundee has an amazing wealth of enthusiasm, ideas and a willingness to collaborate that I'm still uncovering the more.

2013...what now?

All very well looking back on whats done - but really it's only worth anything with what's done in the future. I am pretty chuffed with what I have managed over the past 12 months, to be honest I had no idea how much I had done until I started wiriting this post. Coming up this year I have many more placements, hand ins, the scariest time in medical school - Finals and hopefully the best time with my elective. Needless to say I think it's gonna be a big year! On top of that with my wardWatch project still coming along, I'm hoping to Weirdly when I think back to this time last year I had no idea I would do half what I managed this year, makes this year pretty exciting really.

Ideas and networking

Today I had the pleasure of meeting a very enthusiastic clinician with some big ideas on how to improve on medical education. At the end of the conversation I was absolutely electric - which got me thinking

  these cool ideas, what makes them so good? How do you tell a great idea from a bad one?


This is a really subjective topic to think about but with clearly objective results...the scientist in me weeps.

That feeling you get when the light bulb flickers brighter is pretty infectious, using those little grey cells so to speak. Some fizzle out as quickly as they arrived, whilst others quickly cement themselves in your mind or others that this could be something worth pursuing.

The kind of ideas I am talking about are when you think of improving something you are involved or interested in. This need to improve your surroundings is what drives change, increases efficiency and ultimately produces new ideas. Your network - the people around you can be pretty influential - certainly in Dundee I am privileged to be around people I am sure have the ability to revolutionise their area. Furthermore - this network is being connected with this buzz for ideas.

Perhaps an idea itself is not what is special per se Perhaps its the making and production, the way you are able to hypothesise its own path, it grows arms and legs

The people you have around you, this network, is a dynamic entity - shaped by what drives individuals and what connects you together. I think the best ideas capture you, the like minded and ultimately the people it affects. The influence the idea has on these groups two way, it also has an effect on this thing that is the idea. If you have the right network around you, this idea turns from "thats cool" - to that speechless moment where you wonder why noone else has had this thought before.