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Student ASPiH

If you are interested in learning what simulation is or interested in bringing your next big idea for healthcare to on

The Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare (ASPiH) is keen to support students in encouraging the next generation into the area. Simulated Practice includes clinical skills, human factors, patient safety and the new use of technology in learning to name but a few areas. student ASPiH (sASPiH) will be ran by students to provide a framework for learning, research/publication and innovation. If you have an idea related to next generation healthcare then this is for you. 

The ASPiH conference 2014 is in Nottingham, if you are student in any healthcare discipline or an apprentice in simulation we would love to meet you.

There are several events planned:

  • 11/11/14 | Tuesday | Introduction and Social -  chance to speak to like minded people, exchange ideas and enjoy a drink
  • 12/11/14 | Wednesday | Brainstorming session on what YOU want to achieve
  • 13/11/14 | Thursday | sASPiH kicks off its first meeting

Any questions please get in touch, we look forward to meeting you. 

Matt Pendleton, Alan Gopal, Claire Vinten, David Cox and the ASPiH Team

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